If you're freaked out by old creepy dolls, then this is a place you'd definitely would want to stay away from!

Just south of Mexico City are the Xochimico canals and that's where you will find "The Island Of Dolls," said to be the scariest place on Earth. About half a century ago, a little girl drowned on the island. A man by the name of Don Julian lived alone on the island. Just after the death of his girl, he fished out a doll from the canal and was convinced it was a sign from an evil spirit. Don Julian decided to hang dolls on trees to protect himself from any evil spirits and calm the spirit of the dead girl. Eventually, Don Julian passed away in 2001. He had drowned in the same area where the little girl was found dead. This island now has thousands of dolls all over and nobody can explain where they came from. Some people have said they've seen the dolls heads moving and whispering to each other!

Do you believe in "The Island of Dolls?"