I FREAKING' HATE PETA!  There I said it!  Who the hell do they think they are?  Can you believe they have the audacity to demand the town of Turkey, TX change it's name to Tofurkey!   That's tofu-turkey in case you didn't figure that out on your own.  Again, who do you think you are PETA!?!

I'll tell you who PETA is and I can do it best by quoting South Park.  People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals, but don't give a damn about people!  What is so wrong with the town being named Turkey?  People from Turkey, TX are proud of being from the home of Bob Wills!  They even have a big celebration called Bob Wills day!  Settlers first broke ground in the 1890's and it's been called Turkey ever since!  What PETA thinks they can get the town to rewrite history?

How arrogant!  I hate PETA with a PASSION.  PETA should stand for "People Exasperating The Americans"!  Another funny one is People Eating Tasty Animals but I didn't come up with that one.  Let's just remember these are the same people that bag every celebrity for wearing anything leather, even going so far as to drench them in red paint, symbolizing the blood of the animal that was spilled.  That's using force to get people to think like you!  Another word for that is TERRORISM!  Your all a bunch of terrorist PETA!  Humans have been hunting and eating animals and wearing their fur to keep warm long before you ever came along PETA!

"What do I think about changing the name of Turkey to Tofu?  I think it's about the stupidest thing I've ever heard" to quote a citizen.   Imagine driving through Turkey, TX and the sign is Tofurkey, TX.  It's like the video says, this is almost like a joke.  Let's just say the people of Turkey aren't thinking about changing the name not even close.

So we live relatively close to Turkey, TX and I as many of you know people from there, but even if you don't, what are your thoughts?  Take the poll and let us know!  Do you think it's right?  Do you think Turkey should change it's name?

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