When a person who continuously is giving to others and the community they live in, you appreciate the kindness and their caring heart. However, when that person, needs help they find it difficult to ask for help. That is what is happening to one of Amarillo's most caring people.

Buster Foster, the owner of Buzula Furniture, took to Facebook yesterday asking for a kidney.

The letter on Facebook read:

Dear Friends and Family,

As you may or may not know, I have kidney failure, and my doctor has recommended that I have a kidney transplant.  This is the best option for me to have a better & longer life.  More than 100,000 people are on the list for a deceased donor kidney, and there is a very limited supply of donors.

He went on to explain about a living kidney donor and that it doesn't have to be a family member to donate. Just someone who has a compatible blood type, doesn't have diabetes, or high blood pressure could be a possible match.

Buster went on to say,

Although this is something hard for me to ask, if this is something you could do, please consider becoming a living donor for me. I fully understand that this is a personal decision that isn't right for everyone.

Anyone who as the B or O blood type and is healthy is a possible donor for Buster.

Buster isn't new to an organ transplant, back in 2007 Buster received a liver transplant.  Due to that transplant and his need for blood, over the years he has become a huge supporter of the Coffee Memorial Blood Center.

If you feel that you could be that donor for Buster, then you can find more information, in his letter, please click the link above for more information.




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