I've encountered some sad stories that are very recent. These stories are about dogs being left in hot cars and it causing their deaths. It's not to be blamed on bad owners, but bad partners. By partners, I mean their partners in fighting crime. Police officers have been leaving their dogs in their cars. In the past month there have been 3 cases reported of K-9 dogs being left in a hot police car and dying.  There have been reports in Mississippi, Oklahoma, and most recently in Ohio.

Activists are stepping up to speak for up for some of the dogs. It has sparked both sadness and anger in the outraged communities.  These poor animals suffered. Citizens are up in arms, demanding justice, and call for the police officers to be fired and be charged with animal cruelty.

You can see a Facebook page dedicated to a fallen officer, the K-9 Napo, of the Perry County Sheriffs Department below.  There are pictures and stories that will bring a tear to your eye. So, be prepared for that. It truly is sad.

In the case of Napo, the sheriff left him locked in a car overnight. This ultimately led to the dog's death.  The sheriff saw no cruelty to animal charges or any other punishment for that matter. He was merely "reassigned".

In Oklahoma, another K-9 dog was left in a blistering hot police car, which also ended sadly.  See that story at this button.

The most recent report coming out of Mercer County, OH is also about a K-9 dog being left in a hot car which claimed another life. This police dog's name was K-9 Zak.

We haven't seen these cases in Amarillo and I'd like to think that's because our police have a conscience. It's wrong to leave a dog in this heat we experience.  It's sad to see this happening. I have a question. Should action be taken to set an example and try to prevent future cases?

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