I won't lie, I LOVE to shop!  There's nothing better than going out on a Saturday afternoon, just me and my wife, and doing some shopping!  Well, my wife found a new website, that would compare to a consignment store, where you can get great deals on name brand clothes at highly discounted prices, I mean cheap!  It's called Poshmark.

Oh and finding the deals my wife is!  I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the massive discounts people were seeing by using Poshmark!

Geared more towards women, but still with a hint of things for the guys, I would say Poshmark has it all, at a very reasonable price!

Example, my wife bought me a Burberry tie for only $19.99!  She bought it, and I had it 2 days later!

I was very impressed by not only the selection the website offers, but the turn-around that you get when you purchase something!

This is the perfect place to get some of that Christmas shopping done and save some money at the same time!

If you're a "shop-oholic", this website is a must have for your bookmarks!  They also offer a free app, which is what my wife uses, that you can download here.

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