Police have Surrounded Northwest Texas Hospital ER. Police have the entrance surrounded with multiple units and Crime tape. At least a dozen APD vehicles are on the scene.

There has been reports of gunshots heard outside of the emergency room. We'll keep you updated as we will try to get more info!

12:38 - Update from our friends at Pronews 7 :

From Pronews 7's Marissa Lucero: UPDATE: APD confirms Officer involved shooting occurred around 10:30 p.m. in the front of the ER @ Northwest Texas hospital.

1 individual was shot, but injuries are non-life threatening.

No one else was hurt, no other information is given at this time.

It's now under investigation.


1:07 am - Update from Pronews 7:

Pronews 7's Marissa Lucero reports Lt. Bohannon did say, officers were responding to an altercation at the hospital when it led to one individual being shot in front of the ER. A officer-involved shooting outside of the Northwest Texas Hospital emergency room at was called in around 10:30 p.m. the altercation then led to one individual being shot.

Thanks again to Pronews7 for getting the info and keeping everyone updated!


Listen to 911 call

Thanks to Pronews 7 for providing the audio!

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