So the Powerball jackpot is at a record high of an estimated $550 million!  WOW!  That's a lot of cash!  And today, you and I are going to make a ticket!

Today, when I'm on the radio from 2-6p, I'll be sporadically calling out for listeners to call in and help me make a (hopefully) winning ticket!

In total, I'll get 6 people, and each person will give me 1 number.

I'll take all 6 numbers and use them on a Powerball ticket for tonight drawing.

If the ticket we make together hits and wins the jackpot, we'll split it 7 ways!  Between me, and the 6 people that helped me put the ticket together.

So listen to the Dallas Chambers Experience today to get in on the fun, and get in on the possibility of winning BIG cash, without having to spend any of your own money!