It's brand spanking new music on 96.9 KISS-FM and this is when we turn to you!  Rate the Music!  We're busting out new songs from Ca$h Out, J. Cole, Kelly Clarkson, Justin Bieber, No Doubt and 2 Chainz!

Ca$h Out - Cashin' Out

I must admit, when I first saw this song and artist, I thought it was going to be just some stupid song.  An artist with the name Ca$h Out, and his song is called Cashin' Out?  Who the hell does that?  This guy apparently!  Having said that, I had to eat my thoughts once I heard the song.  It's an awesome hip-hop jam!  But let's see, are you cashing out?

J. Cole f/Missy Elliott - Nobody's Perfect

J. Cole comes back to slap your eardrums with a nice slow jam called Nobody's Perfect, featuring Missy Elliott.  It's not your typical J. Cole song, nothing to the likes of Work Out.  It's gotta good, slow vibe that is just chill.  It's also great to hear Missy's voice back on the radio!

No Doubt - Settle Down

Such a bold, yet true statement!  No Doubt has been around since 1986!  And here we are, close to 30 years later, and they are still pumping out the hits!  After a long hiatus, and a very succesful solo career, Gwen Stefani rejoins her band members for a new album, with the lead single being Settle Down.  This song just proves that the band has still got it!


Kelly Clarkson - Dark Side

Just when you thought Kelly Clarkson had done everything possible in the music industry, she turns around and hits us with yet another smash single called Dark Side.  This song has a true meaning of self preservation, because we all need to be reminded of who we really are. And a reminder that we all have a dark side to deal with.


Justin Bieber f/Big Sean - As Long As You Love Me

For the first time ever, Justin Bieber teams up with Big Sean for a new track called As Long As You Love Me.  This dude has just got the golden touch!  The song has a good hitting beat and is just all together a well produced song.  I want to be just like Justin Bieber when I grow up!


2 Chainz f/Drake - No Lie

Now this is a rap song here!  2 Chainz teams up with Canadian rapper Drake for No Lie.  If you like bass, beats and rap versus, than this is right up your alley!  I think this song is a jam, and now I need to know what you think!


Please take a second and cast your vote on each of the songs, because we gotta know what you think of these songs!  Whether you love or hate them, that's important to us!  Share it out to your friends, Rate The Music on 96.9 KISS-FM!  And listen all week for these new tracks on your radio!

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