We've got some shiny new music, and we need your opinion on the new songs!  Do you like them?  Do you hate them?  You gotta tell us!  It's time to Rate The Music!  We want your thoughts on the new P!nk, the new Lil Wayne, the new Kendrick Lamar and the new Conor Maynard featuring Ne-yo!

Let's start with a song that I just know you guys are going to love!  Lil Wayne teams up with Detail for his first release off Dedication 4 called No Worries.  With lyrics like "red bone mangoes", I'm pretty sure Weezy was high out of his mind when he wrote it, but I digress, because the beat is great and it's actually a great song that has "radio hit" written all over it!

Moving on, how about a new single from P!nk?  She's been a POP music leader for several years, and just has her own style and sound.  Her style pours out in this new song called Try!  As usual, there's a tad of "man-hate" in this new song, but don't we all get burned, be it by a man or a woman?  Either way, her lyrics are right!  No matter what, "you gotta get up and try!"

Moving on, this would be the party song you've been waiting for!  Kendrick Lamar releases Swimming Pools (Drank), and I'm pretty sure if it was Summer time, this would be a song jammed by pools all over the nation!  Get a swimming pool full of liquor and just dive in!  Okay, now I like to drink, but that seems excessive just a tad.  Either way, good jam here!

And last, but not least, it's the new Conor Maynard with Ne-Yo!  This song, Turn Around, has a great all around feel to it!  And I'm a pretty big fan of Ne-Yo, so it's a win-win for me!  This is one of those songs that can put you in a good mood :)

Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to Rate The Music!  Your opinion really does matter, so share this page out to your friends, because the more votes we get, the better idea we get of what you guys are liking and not liking!  Above all, thank you so much for listening to 96.9 KISS-FM!


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