It's brand spanking new music on 96.9 KISS-FM and we need you to Rate The Music!  We're exposing your eardrums to new stuff all week from FUN, P!nk, Jason Mraz and Waka Flocka Flame!

(Warning, the video above could be deemed NSFW due to language, I couldn't find an edited lyrics video on Youtube to save my life.  The "S bomb" is dropped all through this one!)

We'll start off with the new single from P!nk called Blow Me (One Last Kiss).  P!nk has multiple personality disorder I think.  Her music bounces back and forth from angry girl to party girl and then back to angry girl it seems.  But hey, it's P!nk!  She can do whatever she wants, as long as her music stays catchy I won't be complaining, because aren't we all a little crazy when it comes down to it?  The new song revolves around breaking up with a guy with the title definitely carrying a double entendre, meaning it can be perceived in 2 different ways.  She's either telling some guy to blow her out of hate and anger, or she's telling him to blow her one last kiss before they call it quits.  I don't really know what point P!nk is trying to make with the title, but I know this song has catchy lyrics with a great beat and good riffs!


The next new song on the play-list is from Waka Flocka Flame featuring Nicki Minaj, Flo-rida and Tyga called Get Low.  It's not exactly what your used to hearing from Waka Flocka, like the song No Hands.  This is kind of a slow jam, with fast lyrics flowing over it.  Also, freaking auto tune!  I am not a huge fan of auto tune, thankfully they don't wear it out in this song, it's used pretty minimal.  It's one hell of a collaboration though!  I can definitely hear this being banged at the club and picture ladies hitting the dance floor to get it low when it's playing!  Check it out and Rate The Music!


Oh ladies and gentlemen, this new song from FUN rocks the shizzle!  The debut single from the band, We Are Young, was going to be a tough act to follow, but they pulled it off with the new single and title track to the album, Some Nights.  This song has some amazing chorus in it!  The voices of these guys just blend together so well, it gave me the chills the first time I heard it!  This song sounds like something Queen would have done if they were still around and making music.  Just has HIT written all over it!  The voices, guitar and drum are just a perfect balance, right on point!  I LOVE THIS SONG!  Now you tell me what you think!


Last, but most certainly not least, is the new single from Jason Mraz called I Won't Give Up.  Mraz has some amazing acoustic guitar playing skills and when you pair his voice with the guitar riffs, it's like a music goulash, so freaking tasty!  Sometimes, I like a good slow song that stirs up feelings deep in my heart and soul.  This song does that so well!  It's so sweet, and the meaning behind it, to me, means true preservation of a relationship.  That is such an important message right now, with more than 50% of all marriages ending in divorce.  You really don't hear that in many songs any more!  Thank you Jason Mraz for giving us something to remind us how important it is to not give up on our loves!  Don't give up, because your partner is worth it!  I'm going to go grab a tissue because my eyeballs seem to be sweating right now.


Okay that's it for the week!  Take a second and Rate The Music so we know how you feel about these songs!  If you don't like them, we gotta know that!  If you LOVE them, we gotta know that too!  Thanks for listening to KISS-FM!

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