We realize this took a long time and we do apologize for the delay!  If you've ever uploaded a video to YouTube, you are aware of how long it takes to upload and optimize a 26 minute video.  But this is it!  Did Rick Dyer bring an actual Bigfoot or "Sasquatch" to Amarillo?  Decide for yourself!  This is the raw interview with Rick Dyer AKA "Bigfoot Tracker"!  If you listened to it on-air, you'll still want to check this out!  Not everything made it on-air, so you'll catch anything you missed right here!  The hard questions, the things that so many people wanted to know, find out his answers right here!

From the topic of him being caught in a previous Bigfoot hoax, to why the feet and hands are covered by plastic and not visible, to the Spike TV $10 million bounty, it's all in here!

Again, it's 26 minutes, I was out to get as much information from him as I could and see if anything he said contradicted his previous answers in an effort to see if he's telling the truth or making it up.  That took some time.

This is a MUST SEE!

We were out to get the truth about his alleged "real" Bigfoot.

We are not connected to the tour, claiming this is a real Bigfoot, nor do we have any business relations with Rick Dyer and his team.  The could be another hoax, we leave it up to you to decide if he's telling the truth or not.

We have another video being produced and uploaded of our walk through in the trailer with the body that will have viewing of the specimen.

In the end, you have to make your own decision.  We're not confirming any authenticity.