The firing of James Gunn by Disney from the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, a series Gunn basically built up from nothing and turned into a billion dollar franchise, has many in Hollywood reevaluating their relationship with Twitter. Gunn was dismissed after old tweets containing tasteless and offensive jokes about pedophilia and other topics were brought to light, a reminder that dumb stuff said in jest years earlier can actually and permanently ruin a career now. Expect many of Gunn’s colleagues to quit Twitter or destroy their archive on the site.

Case in point: Star Wars: The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson who just deleted tens of thousands of old tweets (via The Mary Sue). Realistically, Johnson should have quit Twitter months ago, given the abuse he endures there on an almost daily basis from trolls who hated The Last Jedi. (It had women in it!) But Johnson still likes his carefully curated Twitter account, so instead he purged his archives like Luke Skywalker burning that Jedi tree of knowledge. His account now lists only 1200 tweets. He also explained the reasons behind his decision on Twitter.

I hadn’t read all of his 20,000 tweets, but I’m sure they contained nothing like Gunn’s bad jokes. Still, this probably a very good policy for everyone, not just Hollywood types. No job is worth losing over something stupid you tweeted while sitting on the toilet in 2008.

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