All tricks, no treats for this would-be Halloween robber.

A store's security cameras captured a scary, yet somewhat hilarious moment this week. Halloween is typically a scary week in general. Think about it... Every one dressing up, hiding their identities for a week straight, and there's nothing anyone can do about it.

However, when someone decides to commit a real crime while wearing a costume, you can do quite a few things.

Take this situation for example...

A robber broke into a Dollar General store by crashing the class door with a crow bar.

Clearly, his intentions were not good, but luckily he was stopped by a brave store manager. It was the way he was handled, though, that now has the internet talking.

Almost as quickly as he made his way in through the hole he had just created, the store manager literally tossed him back out of the same hole. He ran away, and now police are searching for him.

You gotta see this video, and you can by clicking HERE.

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