Roseanne Barr, whom you might remember from the hit sitcom Roseanne where her and John Goodman raised Becky and Darlene and DJ and that guy that plays Lenard on Big Bang Theory, or you might remember from singing our National anthem and ripping it into pieces, has officially filed the documents to run for President!

Roseanne wants to be the green party nominee for office and what started out as kind of a joke on Twitter and Facebook, has almost became official.

Roseanna claims to be sick of Democrats and Republicans alike and says her interest will be more reflective of what the people of America want.

So what is her big push?  Legalizing marijuana!  Oh yeah, the economic situation we're in, that's not a big deal nor is it an interest of the people.  Her simple answer is pot, legalize it and sell it domestically only.

Is Donald Trump still willing to run?  I'll vote for him.   But if you wanna vote for her, check out her website she's got some details on there.

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