They say what happens in Las Vegas stays in Vegas but Russ is letting everyone know what went down during a recent performance in Sin City. According to the platinum rapper, he was kicked offstage and booted from his hotel room at The Palms after complaining about sound issues during his set at Kaos nightclub.

Russ was ready to put on a show on Saturday night (April 27), but apparently only got to perform a couple of songs before production issues arose. He reportedly called out the venue while he was onstage leading to him being removed from the stage before he truly got into his set. He addressed the incident on Sunday morning (April 28) via Twitter.

Responding to a fan who was at the show and defended the rapper's right to speak his mind onstage, the Zoo rapper responded, "Yea smh I just wasn’t bout to just keep allowing other people’s fuck ups to affect the show y’all came to see so I said something ‍♂️ people just wanna fuck up and have the artists take the blame..fuck that lol so they kicked us off stage and evicting us from hotel ‍♂️."

He later apologized to fans. "Sorry to the fans that came out," he posted. "Like I said on stage, I wasn’t gonna let the venue fuck up the show repeatedly without sayin something to y’all who paid money, waited etc..they didn’t like me calling them out. Like i also said, they’ll tell a different story but y’all saw ‍♂️."

XXL has reached out to The Palms for a comment. Check out Russ and fans explaining what went down below.

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