***Warning, the following video contains foul language and could be deemed NSFW!  Watch at your own risk!***

All I could say when I watched this video was dayummm!  This video is CRAZY!

From what I can tell, there is a female passenger on this Cleveland transit bus.  She's getting mouthy, but do I don't think her running at the mouth deserved a straight uppercut to the chin!

This is just out of control!  The bus driver looks to be about a 200lb guy, and he packs a mean punch!  He delivers it to the chin of a female passenger, like she's a man!  Then he proceeds to throw her off the bus!  OMG!

He made the remarks "you goin' to hell now!" or maybe it was "jail now!"  Either way, I think he's got that backwards!  That's a female he just decked!  What a punk!  Didn't his momma teach him how to treat a lady?  Well, maybe she isn't a "lady", but she's still a female!

This is pure crazy!