Pancakes are amazing and delicious and wonderful.  They are the best comfort food in the mornings. 

Denny's recently announced that revamped their pancake recipe and added some things like fresh buttermilk and real eggs.  Real Eggs?  What were they using it the pancakes before now?  Anyway, they say the result of this change:

Our 50% fluffier pancakes just might be better than home.

So with that said, I got to thinking, I like my homemade pancakes but let's face it, I would rather someone else cook them.  Don't get me wrong I like Denny's every now and then, but I love our local restaurants because they have some of the best food in town.  So here's the top places to get delicious pancakes in Amarillo that isn't a chain.

Ye Olde Pancake Station - 2800 Virginia Circle

Joe S via Yelp

Scratch Made Bakery and Cafe - 118 SW 6th

Ariel B via Yelp

English Field House Restaurant - 10609 American Dr

David A via Yelp

Youngblood's Cafe - 620 SW 16th

Ashley L via Yelp

Twisted "T" Bar and Grill - 5120 Canyon Dr. inside Western Bowl

KJ's Coffee and Cafe - 1202 23rd St, Canyon, Tx