As you all know, yesterday Kiss Fm hung out at the Toot N Totum on 45th and Western all day to raise money to help the victims of last weekend's fires.

We set a goal of $9,690, and thanks to all our wonderful listeners, we met and surpassed out goal.  We raised a total of (drum roll please) $10, 049!!!!!  That is AWESOME!  Anytime the community needs help, you all step up to the plate and help us help others!!!  You are greatly appreciated!!!

Now there are some pretty awesome businesses that also stepped up in a big way so next time you are headed out to the bar, to tan, to eat, or get your hair did, please remember that these businesses gave back to their community!!

Shark Fights- Shark Fights 14 going down March 11th in Lubbock, TX.

Sun City Tans- 1900 SE 34th in the Tradewinds Shopping Center

Texas Firehouse- 34th and Coulter

Buster's Lounge- 2204 SE 27th

CP's Sports Bar- 1801 S. Lakeside Dr.

Milan Institute of Cosmetology- 7001 W. I-40 and 2400 SE 27th

Route 66 Discount- 6816 SW 6th

Pink's Sport Bar and Lounge- 9th and Taylor

And last but certainly not least, Clear Wireless Internet.

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