So there is a ton of speculation out there floating around about the video Tommy shared last night.  We're receiving an overwhelming amount of calls about the video and the questions are endless.  What was it, was it real, was it aliens or other ufo's, can we find out more?

Now I'm not saying this is definitely what we heard in the video from last night, but confirmations of a meteor are pouring in from very credible sources. Like the following statement off KVII-Channel 7's website:


AMARILLO, TEXAS -- Did you hear it? Many Panhandle residents are reporting that they heard a loud "bang" followed by a "roaring noise" last night around 10.

What may have sounded like something extremely strange was likely a meteor. According to the Federal Aviation Administration, a meteor may have been seen throughout parts of Oklahoma and Texas. The FAA received several reports from people who said they saw the bright, streaking light.

Storm Search 7 Chief Meteorologist Steve Kersh said the noise was caused by the meteorite burning up while entering the Earth's atmosphere over Central Texas and into Central Oklahoma.

Yeah that means nobody got probed last night. There was in fact a meteor entering the atmosphere and that is most likely what caused the noise and light that so many Panhandle residents are reporting.

Stuff like this happens all the time, let's not freak out yet.  People are saying it's a sign of the end of the world?  Well my corn say's it's good through 2014 so I for one am not worried at all.

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