Working from home is tough in a house full of kids and dogs. I swear, Disney+ in hindsight wasn't a very smart choice. Now I don't have my favorite restaurants or bars to run to for comfort.

I'll never take you guys for granted ever again.

With that being said, keeping yourself preoccupied is important. Here's how I'm staying sane:

Home Projects

I have to keep my mind busy. Part of that is looking around for things that either need to be done, or would give me a chance to isolate myself away from everything for a little bit.

It's not mean to say you just need some alone time.

I have friends who are building backyard gardens, or have taken to painting a room in their house. Others are rearranging furniture and clearing out clutter.

We have a $600 gift card to Home Depot you can win that should help inspire you.

Play Games

Pull out the board games and get everyone together for a game night. I have a decent collection of games that are fun and take up a lot of time to play. Checkers just goes way too fast.

Video games can be a nice escape for a little bit. Recently, the kids and I worked our way through Kingdom Hearts. They like Disney characters, and I don't want to play Crash Bandicoot again. It's a win-win. It was also good for our oldest. She's working on her reading skills, and it gave her a chance to show off for everyone.

Read A Book

There are a lot of places online to get books for free right now. You can read on your phone or tablet. I personally like "analog" books, if you'll pardon the phrase. I, like most people, have some books on my book shelf that need to be finished. This would be a good time to get that done.

Stop Obsessing Over The News

I personally have a strict rule when it comes to how much social media I take in. Spoiler alert: I don't take in much. I don't flip through Facebook to see what everyone is up to. I have a few funny subreddits I'll check for a laugh, but other than that I keep the news intake down to a minimum. It keeps me from getting overwhelmed and depressed.

Get Some Sunshine

Step outside. Go for a walk, even if it's just around the back yard for a minute. When the weather is warm, getting away from the noise and the stress, and out in the sun for a minute, feels awesome.



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