Honey Boo Boo isn't a dog, it's a very obnoxious little girl, who has a dad with an equally strange name, Sugar Bear Mike.  Not to be confused with "sugar daddy".  Anyways, he's back in hillbilly heaven, as he get's to return home to his family, after spending a few weeks in the hospital.

Yes back to the grounds of poor diets, Sugar Bear Mike returns from the hospital after suffering an injury to his leg on his ATV, which got more infected than the horrible grammar in his household.

The kiddos, and his wife, who yes, has another strange name, Mama June, greeted Sugar at the door as his friend carried him up to the steps.

It's donuts and and coke-floats all around at the Boo Boo house tonight!  Les' celbrate ya'll!  Mama June, fry up dem rats and boil dem bats!  We havin' a good ol' fashion shin-dig err'body!

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