Remember in the movie ‘Black Swan’ when Natalie Portman makes out with Mila Kunis? This story has nothing to do with that. We just wanted to think about that scene again. It’s also the only way to brighten up this awful story about a swan caretaker that was attacked by… yep, swans — and drowned.

Anthony Hensley — who worked for Knox Swan and Dog LLC, a company that handles geese populations by use of swans and dogs — died after an attacking swan tipped his kayak over in Bay Colony Drive Condos in Des Plaines, Illinois.

The caretaker, who fed and cared for the swans, reportedly tried to swim back to shore but was no match for the marauding bevy (that’s the plural for a group of swans, look it up!). A nesting swan protecting her eggs may be what caused for the attack.

If we add one more woman to the Portman/Kunis scene is that then considered a bevy?

[Via Chicago Sun-Times]