10 Llamas With Unfortunate Haircuts
Llamas are funny creatures. They're funny-looking, find cows hilarious and take part in some truly awesome animal photobombing. However, there is one unfortunate thing about the little guys-- these poor things are prone to awful haircuts.
Shakira Attacked by a Sea Lion
Poor Shakira! A sea lion attacked the Colombian crooner in South Africa this weekend. Don’t worry, though: the ‘Hips Don’t Lie’ singer is okay. So, what exactly happened?
Man Had His Junk Eaten By Wild Animals
Terry Thompson made international news last October when he released many of his 60-plus exotic animals from his private zoo in Zanesville, Ohio just prior to taking his own life with a gun. His alleged motive: his wife cheated on him.
I know we have enjoyed this wonderful weather for the past couple of weeks and hopefully soon we see it coming to an end.
I hope everyone out there is taking special care of their animals. This is the type of weather that is even harmful to them...