Taylor Swift Wins Artist of the Year at 2011 American Music Awards
Taylor Swift won her 10th American Music Award in the form of the 2011 AMA for Artist of the Year, beating out some stiff competition from the likes of Adele, Lady Gaga, Lil Wayne and Katy Perry. Weezy was surrounded by a lot of beautiful and talented women in this category, wasn’t he? Nevertheless, Swift expressed a mixture of shock, awe and joy when her name was announced. They like you, Taylor.
See How a Foley Artist Creates Movie Sound Effects [VIDEO]
When a Hollywood movie is shot, the microphones are only focused on picking up the dialogue. This means most of the background noise is lost, and it is up to an artist called a "Foley artist" to go back and recreate this background noise in post-production. In this clip, Foley artist Gary Hecker, who got his start working on "The Empire Strikes Back," demonstrates the unexpecte