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1¢ Whoppers in Amarillo, But You Have to Go To McDonald's
The two biggest fast food burger rivals are McDonald's and Burger King. The King and the Golden Arches have been going at it for years and years. Now Burger King has done something sneaky and is offering 1¢ Whoppers, but the catch is, you have to go to McDonald's and take The Whopp…
The Fastest Fast Food In Amarillo
If you are like me, I'm always in a hurry at lunch.  Most of the time I call ahead to my favorite restaurants and place the order.  Sometimes, though, you have to mix it up! That's when fast food burgers come into play.  Who has the fastest?
Will You Try It? [PHOTO]
The "Black Whopper" is coming to the states this Halloween.  It's a whopper with black buns.  I don't think I've ever had black bread before.  It doesn't look very appetizing. I LOVE the Whopper though so I may get up the guts and try it...

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