Cute Pug Gets Reunited With Dog Owner [VIDEO]
Most of us pet owners consider our dogs as best friends or family members. Two women were arrested for burglarizing a home one of the stolen properties was a pug. Police found the criminals and recovered the pug. The owner was contacted and the pug were happily reunited.
Pantie Raid Busted
A Chicago man's security camera captured footage of a male burglar entering his home through a window and trying on his girlfriend's panties.
VIDEO - Burglar Caught On Tape Staring At Baby
How creepy is this! A burglar broke into a Houston, Texas home and was caught on tape. The family was sound asleep through the break-in as the burglar stole some of their items! What's creepy is the video shows the burglar standing over the baby's crib staring at their child. Tha...
Amarillo Crime Stoppers Looking For 3 Suspects [PHOTOS]
Amarillo Crime Stoppers asks for your help in locating these 3 suspects, wanted for burglary of habitation.  They've provided photos of each suspect, even of them in the act of burglary, in hopes that you or someone you know recognizes them.  These are the first burglary photos I&apos…

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