Apple Keeps The Mac Pro in Texas
After reports earlier this year that Apple's new Mac Pro manufacturing would move from Austin to China, the company has announced it will stay in Texas.
SHOCKING! Newborn Baby Found Alive & Crying In Sewage Pipes In China, Video Footage Captures The Moment [VIDEO]
Dude!  Even though there is a happy ending to this story, it still just disturbs the hell out of me!  Seriously, if you can't take care of a baby, you need to stop participating in the act of making babies! FOR REAL!  We're supposed to be evolved, not animals!  This story just makes me want to hunt the parents down and punch them square in the nose 3 ways; hard, fast & repeatedly!  This graphi
Are Human Baby Flesh Pills Being Smuggled Into Amarillo?
I don't know for a fact that they are, but I do know that we see more than our fair share of pills and other drugs being smuggled through Amarillo thanks to I-40 running right through the middle of the city.  So it's probably only a matter of time before you hear about these pills being found in a bust in Amarillo, but that's just speculation.  Any who, custom officials in South Korea have stumble