This Drunk Guy Wants His Mommy
Some pretty stupid (and wildly entertaining) stuff can go down when alcohol is involved, like going on an airport joyride while wasted. It's not the smartest thing to do, but it happens. There's also the embarrassing drunk scenarios, like the one with this dude from Florida.
Drunk Girl Found Stuck Between Buildings
Not that we're speaking from experience, but everyone's done something stupid when they've had a few too many to drink. We're talking about driving drunk while dressed as a zombie kind of dumb. Here's a less dangerous example -- getting stuck between two buildings.
Ryan Lochte and Prince Harry Had a Drunken Swim Race
If there was audio for the video footage (available here) of Ryan Lochte and Prince Harry racing against each other in a Las Vegas pool, it would probably just be, “Jeah, brah! Let’s, like, totally race right now!” followed by a bunch of splashing and bro-chortles. But, alas we can only imagine what…

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