City Of Amarillo Responds To Ebola Scare At BSA Hospital
Maybe it's Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport, or just the fact that 2 major highways run through Amarillo, but we see a lot of out of town faces here in this city.  Being that an Ebola case out of Dallas took the life of the patient, it's natural for everyone to be worried with Dallas being within driving distance.  So today, when BSA Hospital went into lockdown due to a high risk, possi
Amarillo Ebola Scare Is Over, BSA Lockdown Lifted
Have you been in a panic due to the Ebola scare in Amarillo?  BSA hospital was on lockdown starting at 4pm, treating a high risk patient that was a possible Ebola case right here in Amarillo.  Now, the lockdown is lifted, and the terror is over...for now...

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