Beyonce Pulled Off Stage By A Crazy Fan – VIDEO
Beyonce performs on stage at concert in Sao Paulo, Brazil. With thousands of loud screaming fans she attempts to shake hands from stage. When a crazy excited fan with his shirt off tries to yank Beyonce off the stage. Security began to escort him out but Beyonce stops them and allows the fan to apologize....
Rihannas Disses Fan On Twitter
We've all seen the stories about Rihanna collaborating with former boy-friend and abuser, Chris Brown.  The music world has been buzzing about this information and it shocked many fans that are stuck trying to figure out why she would work with a guy that beat her senseless and left her with an eye swollen shut.  I think people just kind of need to let it go, build a bridge and get over it, but al
Jennifer Lopez Cries in Front of Her Fans
She may look like a strong woman, but even Jennifer Lopez has a tough time dealing with lost love. After singing a stripped down version of ‘If You Had My Love’ followed by ‘Until It Beats No More’ last night in concert, the singer — who announced her divorce from husband of seven years Marc Anthony over the summer — broke down in tears onstage, according to PEOPLE.
Lucky Red Sox Fan Catches Foul Ball in His Beer [VIDEO]
Cracker Jack is no longer the only thing at the baseball concession stand with a prize inside. This lucky Red Sox fan happened to have his beer in the right place at the right time when a foul ball took a one hop off the Fenway Park grandstand and landed in his cup. Well played!

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