Worst First Day Ever For This TV Anchor – [VIDEO]
This is the perfect example of what NOT to do on your first day of work. AJ Clemente's first time to be on air at a news station in North Dakota went totally horrible to the point that he was fired right after the segment was done. I wonder what he was cussing about...
Tiffany Six – Former Porn Star Denied Right To Be A School Teacher – Should Porn Stars Be Excluded From The School System? [POLL]
So there's a former porn star, Tiffany Six, I don't even want to know how she got that porn name, but anyways, she became a middle-school teacher in California, but was fired after a group of students found some of her videos online.  This seems like a person who's trying to turn their life around, and a panel of judges has ruled that she can not be a teacher anymore due to her past career.  Is th

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