Why I Chose To Pre Plan My Funeral in Amarillo
I know this is not a fun topic to discuss. It does not kick off any party... but we are all going to die. I just have a plan! As I am getting older in life I know that I don't want to cause a lot of stress on my daughter. So this made sense for me.
RIP "Goin Fishing"
Amarillo man Jim Braswell was laid to rest on Tuesday. Have you ever thought of being laid to rest with something that you love to do.
Funeral Home Offers Drive-Thru Viewing
I get that we are a society that is busy.  However, are we so busy that we cannot stop to pay our respects to a friend or a loved one that we cannot get out of our car and step into a funeral home?  Well a funeral home in Saginaw, Michigan now offers a drive-thru service to view the body of a loved one from the comfort of your car.
Westboro Church To Protest Genaro Bedoy Funeral
So I've learned some news that many are finding disturbing.  Have you ever heard of Westboro Baptist Church?  Well, according to their press release, they are about to make a stop in Amarillo.  Why?  To protest the funeral of Genaro Bedoy, a River Road High graduate that died in active duty while serving in Afghanistan.  Are you seeing red?  Just wait, it gets worse.

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