Fourth Grade Girl Talks Herself Into First Ski Jump
Facing your fears is part of being human. We’ve all had to talk ourselves into doing something, whether we actually verbalized the encouragement or just played it silently in our brain. The fourth grade girl in the video below is a verbalizer. With a camera running, she methodically convinces herself she has what it takes to make her first ski jump.
This Stupid Youtube Girl Doesn’t Understand Why We Have Leap Years [Video]
WARNING!  DEEMED NSFW DUE TO FOUL LANGUAGE!  PROCEED WITH CAUTION MY YOUNG JEDI KNIGHTS! Now, I know I'm not the smartest person in the world, and thankfully I now know I'm not the dumbest either.  This is what society has come to, teenagers are so spoiled with way too much handed to them and they don't know sh!t.  Stupidity has become as common as obesity in our nation.  These kids getting beaten

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