Man Saves Baby Crawling Near Highway
Babies are quick little creatures. The minute you turn your back, that's the minute they are into something or gone, especially if they are mobile.  This is exactly what a baby in Georgia did when she crawled away from her home and was found 300 yards from her home near a highway.  Luckily, a man was there to save her.
Tommy The Hacker Turns In A Shoplifter Who Happends To Be 80 Years Old!
So call me HERO, or some might call me a !@#$ but at the end of the day I'm feeling  really BAD. So today I was at a store who's name I will keep confidential doing my grocery shopping. As I hit the meat section deciding on what meat I want to buy, I notice this little old lady who was driving one of them handicapped grocery carts who wore clothes that looked like they had not been washed in days,
Lady Gaga to Receive Trevor Hero Award
Lady Gaga is once again being recognized for her support and kindness towards the LGBTQ community. The “Q” is for “questioning,” in case you weren’t familiar with what it stands for, since it’s newly added to the LGBT tag. Gaga will be honored with the Trevor Hero Award, courtesy of The Trevor Project, on Dec. 4.