Rihanna Breaks Records With 11th No. 1 Hit
Here’s some news that’ll make Rihanna feel better. Proving that she’s more than equipped to teach ‘Rockstar 101,’ Rihanna scored her 11th No. 1 hit. Her soaring dance song, ‘We Found Love‘ shot to No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. While that’s a proud feat in itself, check out whose record she crushed and who her only competition is.
Reese Witherspoon Got Hit By A Car!
Say a prayer for Reese Witherspoon!  She's currently at a university hospital hanging on by a thread due to being plowed by a car!  Oh wait, I typed that wrong, I meant she's currently at home and is going to be just fine after being bumped by a car.
Local Reporter Almost Gets Run Over By Car and Five Other Correspondent Accidents [VIDEOS]
Ben Higgins, the sports director for San Diego's ABC affiliate, was in Tucson, Arizona on Thursday, where he covered San Diego State University's first ever NCAA tournament victory. But what made his report so memorable was the part when a SUV darn near ran him over as the cameras rolled. Luckily for Higgins, the vehicle stopped just in the nick of time. Since videos of television reporters actual