806 Health Tip: Breakfast Really Is An Important Meal
As you were growing up I know you have heard your mom tell you to eat breakfast. You can't leave for school without something in your stomach. You know to this day that she was right. Do you still find yourself skipping that most important meal though?
806 Health Tip: Keep Those Masks Clean
Who would have thought that at the beginning of 2020 that we would be talking about the stuff we have been. Who knew we would have a toilet paper shortage? Who knew we would all be owning and wearing masks?
806 Health Tip: Keeping Kids Safe While Near The Water
Nothing is more fun this time of year than swimming. Whether it is in a pool or heading out to a lake. Unfortunately we also start hearing of drownings this time of year.We need to make this 100% not a thing. Keeping kids safe by the water is totally doable and drownings are totally preventable.
806 Health Tip: Ways You Are Using That Mask Wrong
Are you used to wearing that mask yet? I know they are not the easiest to get used to. I have tried. Oh, and I have tried to understand people who are wearing one. That is sometimes the toughest part. I know that masks have become a normal part of our days.
806 Health Tip: The Correct Way To Use Hand Sanitizer
Did you ever think that hand sanitizer would become one of the most important products of 2020? I mean between that and toilet paper….who knew? Yep, it is a thing. You see people using it all the time. Especially now. You can get the normal unscented kind or even the fancy smelling stuff from…

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