identity theft

Texas is Selling Your Driver’s License Info
If you have a Texas driver's license, there's a good chance that another business has the information that's listed on your ID card. The state of Texas is selling our info, and they've made $2.7 million on it since 2010.
Get Your Personal Documents Shredded Safely for Free
It's amazing how many documents we have that contain personal information. Information that could destroy our credit and our lives if someone get their hands on a piece of paper with a small amount of personal info. Identity theft is real and if your identity is stolen it can wreak havoc on your life. It is a nightmare to get everything straightened out. If you have documents you don't need anymor
Here’s How Amarillo Can Help Avoid Identity Theft
One of the ways crooks steal your identity is through rummaging through your documents and getting personal information off of them. What about those annoying credit card applications you always get?  They can use them too.  The Amarillo Crime Stoppers and Student Crime Stoppers are holding a "Shred It" day this Saturday to help you get rid of all those documents.