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Get the Look for Less – Jessica Alba’s Skinny Jeans, Wedge Sneakers + More
Jessica Alba, who's largely traded acting for motherhood, books and her Honest Company -- which peddles organic baby and beauty products -- always looks effortless fabulous, even when she's getting coffee in Los Angeles. Not only is she genetically blessed, but her street style is natural and unforced. She wore this layered outfit while grabbing a bevvie at Starbucks. She looks faboosh, right? Wel
Jessica Alba Style Breakdown: What’s Right, What’s Wrong, and How to Fix It
Trying to find a bad photo of Jessica Alba is like trying to find a flattering photo of Donald Trump's comb-over. They just don't exist. In addition to being an actress, Alba is an entrepreneur and a mom of two young daughters, not to mention being naturally and unfairly gorgeous. And as she settles into motherhood, her style has hit its stride. She's always well put-together, clothes-wise, but w
Is Jessica Alba Pregnant?
I was cruising the internet earlier and this picture of Jessica Alba, taken over the weekend, really caught my eye!  I like her, seen all her movies, I even used to watch that lame Dark Angel show, I'm very familiar with the way she looks.  And this does not look normal for her!