Helium Hip-Hop
One thing on my 2017 things-to-do is I want to become a rapper so this morning I though I would practice my skills by doing a little freestyle rap with "Just Josh"  beat-boxing!
Amarillo's Best Karaoke Singer
This year Center City is adding more excitement to the annual Block Party. They will have a karaoke stage and will be hosting a karaoke contest in search for Amarillo's best singer.
Hot Shot Karaoke With Intern Vahid [VIDEO]
This is a friendly game we play on the night-show called Hot Shot Karaoke. The rules are that we give the intern a song to sing karaoke to. If they mess up any part of the song they get zapped...Bam! Check out Vahid doing Karaoke to Bruno Mars "When I was Your Man." Wa...
Taylor Swift "Shake It Off' Sing-A-Thon [VIDEO]
Every Friday on the "Hacker Radio" show we will be doing a sing-a-thon with all of our Kiss listeners. We'll pick a popular song played on the radio and encourage everyone to sing-a-long as we sing in the studio to the same song. The catch is that not only you have to sing whe…

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