Obnoxious Snoring Cat
I recently became a cat lover, but If I had a loud snoring cat like this I honestly don't know how I'd handle it. Its enough that my pug snores very loud!
Kitten Gets Head Stuck In A Can – [VIDEO]
This little kitten got itself in a little bit of a bind after getting its head stuck in a tin can while trying to eat. Luckily a person driving by was kind enough to pull over and help out the blinded cat. Good to see people with big hearts out there like this guy who would help out animals....
Woman Arrested For Microwaving A Kitten!
Well if you feel like letting that hate in your heart out, this is the perfect opportunity!  Gina Robins has committed one of the sickest acts I've ever heard of!  This b!tch put a helpless ten week old kitten in the microwave and turned it on!  Why?  It was an act of reven…