Marshawn Lynch Is Now The Man When It Comes To Skittles
To celebrate a deal with the Seahawks' trip to the Super Bowl, Skittles will produce a limited edition bag called the "Seattle mix" full of just blue and green candies that will be auctioned off to a few fans. The proceeds will go to Lynch's charity, the Fam 1st Family Foundation.
First Manned Mission To Mars Is Taking Applicants To Go On A Ride To The Red Planet
It's finally happening, we're now going from sending machines to Mars, to sending human beings on a trip to the red planet in the first ever manned mission to Mars!  The conditions of the trip through space wont exactly be comfortable, it'll be worse than riding on a plane that's going through terrible turbulence while stuck between 2 fat and sweating guys that are crying because they hate flying
NASA Lands Rover on Mars: Pop Stars React on Twitter
It took eight-and-a-half months for the NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover to reach the Red Planet aka Mars. The rover landed at 1:31AM ET on Monday, Aug. 6. Once the rover hit its target, the digital space was abuzz with the news. Mars is a crucial location in sci fi literature, lore and film, so naturally, much of the world is curious about what the rover discovers. The landing was a hot topic in our w
See Photos and Video From Mars Rover Curiosity
After an eight month journey, NASA’s multi-billion dollar rover Curiosity made a successful landing on Mars early this morning. Mission controllers cheered after the six-wheeled, one-ton machine made a perilous seven-minute landing involving a parachute, rocket pack and sky crane.
NASA Launches Mars Rover Curiosity
Mars here we come!  It feels like deja vu but you are in fact not dreaming, NASA launched yet another Mars rover and it's space bound for the red planet where it will search for evidence of life ever being there, starting by searching for evidence of microscopic life.  Then I guess if it discovers proof of it, it'll begin the grave robbing.
Bruno Pleads Guilty To Drug Possession
Well, Bruno is not the first celebrity to plead guilty to this charge and I am certain that he won't be the last. With all of the fame and fortune of being a star in the music industry, it also comes with temptation that many can't pass up.