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Mitt Romney Shows Off His Bling in ‘Gangnam Style’ Spoof
Everyone and their mother is crankin’ out ‘Gangnam Style’ parodies these days. No, seriously-- don’t you remember the mother-son pair who did an awesome rendition of PSY’s giddyup move? You’d think that after seeing versions from cats to Trekkies and everything in between we’d be a little sick of this craze, right?
Mitt Romney Phone App Manages to Misspell ‘America’
It seemed simple enough: a free app in which Mitt Romney supporters could take a photo and then send it out to Facebook or Twitter with one of 14 Romney campaign approved slogan like “I’m a Mom For Mitt” superimposed on it. The app launched yesterday, to coincide with Romney officially capturing the GOP nomination by winning the primary in Texas. Everything would have been great except that there
K’naan Threatens Legal Action Against Mitt Romney For Using His Song
You’d think by now that politicians would know not to use popular songs on the campaign trail without first obtaining the artists’ consent, but it seems some presidential candidates just haven’t learned. Only a few days after Survivor sued Newt Gingrich for using ‘Eye of the Tiger’ without permission, rapper K’naan is threatening to go after Mitt Romney for playing his song ‘Wavin’ Flag.’ Read Mor