Can Women Really Suffer From Baby Fever
Growing up I always heard women talking about having 'baby' fever.  I didn't understand what they were actually talking about until I got older.  But is it a real thing or is it just something that adults say?
LADIES! What’s The Best Way To Induce Labor At Home?
I got the strangest call today, and it actually peaked my interest!  A listener named Kara called me today and said she's pregnant and 3 days away from her due date, and wants to know how to induce labor at home and what the best way is.  I'm a dude, so I have no idea, but I bet …
Mommy Make-Overs for Back to School
As a parent, I try to better myself on a daily basis.  I want to make sure that I am knowledgeable enough to teach my son a variety of things, healthy enough to keep up with all his energy, and set a good example all the way around.  One thing that never crosses my mind when I think about …