Margot Robbie in Talks to Join the ‘Peter Rabbit’ Movie
Sony’s CG/live action hybrid Peter Rabbit movie has been quietly gathering a pretty high-profile cast, and today it looks like they’ve found another actor to voice something cute and fuzzy: Margot Robbie is currently in talks to lend her vocal talents to the modern adaptation of the Be…
What’s Expiring From Netflix: September 2016
September is bringing a whole slew of new titles to Netflix Instant, but that also means a bunch are on their way out. You know you need to weep to ‘A Walk to Remember’ one more time, but you also better cross ‘The Bridge on the River Kwai’ off your list before it’…
5 Places To Cool Off This Summer While Having Fun
With temperatures into the triple digits, its been hard trying to find fun ways to cool off.  We all know that swimming is first on everyone's mind, but Amarillo has many more place to stay cool.  Here are my top six places to stay cool this summer...
Pampa Native To Star In Hollywood Film
We have all fantasized at one point or another about staring in a movie, recording an album or something to that extent.  But for most of us it is just a fantasy.  Well, a Pampa man is making his dream reality.

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