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Lance Bass Calls Out Chris Brown on Using the ‘Other F-Word’
In pop music, we have "New Couple Alerts." But our favorite trouble magnet Chris Brown has his own category and it's a "New Feud Alert," since he is engaged in so many of them. The latest feud to pop up on the Breezy radar? Former 'N Sync member Lance Bass, who disapproves his use of the "F" word.
Watch Justin Bieber ‘Boyfriend’ + ‘N Sync ‘Girlfriend’ Mashup
When Justin Bieber‘s ‘Boyfriend’ video dropped, filled with rooftop dancing and fast cars, he claimed to have no prior knowledge of ‘N Sync‘s vid for ‘Girlfriend,’ which was similarly named and themed. Well, someone who goes by the Raheemdaplaya04 handle has buckets of creativity and a whole lot of time on their hands, not to mention the digital equipment and the wherewithal, since they created a