Amarillo Police Say You Can Now Report A Crime Online
This is just the beginning ladies & gents!  Before you know it, all crime reports will be done through the Internet.  Cops will also have flying cars and electronic "you have the right to remain silent" sticks.  We begin in Amarillo with the Amarillo Police Department making online crime reporting available.
Poshmark – My Wife’s New Addiction
I won't lie, I LOVE to shop!  There's nothing better than going out on a Saturday afternoon, just me and my wife, and doing some shopping!  Well, my wife found a new website, that would compare to a consignment store, where you can get great deals on name brand clothes at highly discounted prices, I mean cheap!  It's called Poshmark.
5 Websites To Watch Movies And TV Shows Online For Free
There is something about the thought of being able to watch movies online just with my computer.  It's a beautiful thing, me in my underwear, eating snacks and drinking sodas that didn't cost me over $30, and a movie streaming from my computer for free.  It's like a good 1 night stand, no strings attached!  Just you, your Internet connection and the free movie of your choice.

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