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Video- Ghost touches Tommy the Hacker
Since we are right around the corner from Halloween I though maybe you guys would like to see this creepy video. With all the weird things that have been happening at the Kiss Fm studio we thought we'd want to find out the truth about our building. Do we have a ghost here at the Kiss Fm station…
"The Hacker's Haunted Broadcast"
Join "The Hacker Morning Show" this Thursday morning as we release the information for this year's "Haunted Broadcast!" Every year I find the scariest place in the Panhandle and perform a paranormal activity investigation from that location...
'Paranormal Activity 5' Title and Release Date Revealed
If you're still interested in the idea of a 'Paranormal Activity 5,' you may not be after you hear its new title. Paramount Pictures not only announced the fifth installment's release date for 2015, but also that we'll apparently be entering 'The Ghost Dimension.'
Paranormal Activity Caught On Video
Check out this video of some paranormal activity going on at a tattoo shop in Tulia,Texas. These videos were sent to me last-night but I chose to not to watch them till this morning, and I'm so glad I did.
New 'Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones' Teaser
We're just a few days away from the debut of 'Paranormal Activity' spinoff 'The Marked Ones,' and today the folks behind the film have debuted a brand new teaser as part of their "Scream in the New Year" campaign. Partnering with Shock Till You Drop, they've released this teaser, entitled …

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