Amarillo Peeping Tom VIDEO & PHOTO
There's a Peeping Tom running around Amarillo, gazing inside houses and getting an eye full of ladies uninvited.  Amarillo Crime Stoppers asks that you help identify and locate this window peeper-creeper and save more ladies from seeing some crazy dude staring at them while they're un…
Guy Outs Pregnant Cheater To Her Boyfriend At NFL Game PHOTO
If you witnessed a situation where you saw a pregnant woman cuddling up with a guy, and then sending romantic texts to another when the guy got up for a moment to walk away, what would you do?  First, that would make you a creeper, because you're reading another person's texts...  And a guy that saw…
What The $500 Winner! Congrats Hunter!
Holy five hundred free bucks Batman!  When they told me to call Hunter because she had won $500 cash from right here on our website, I was expecting a dude...I don't think she minded my mistake after she heard what I had to say =)
YouTube Top How To Video [PHOTO]
I'm on YouTube on my TV, I was typing in "how to" just to see what popped up.  I didn't even get the "o" in the word "to" typed and this pops up at the top viewed!  Almost 10.5 million views!
Escaped Inmate Could Be In Amarillo Area [PHOTO]
A recent inmate escape from TDCJ in Swisher County may be headed to the Amarillo area and citizens are being advised to keep an eye open for the inmate. The suspect is Charlie Davis Jr. W/M 38, described as being 6' tall, 219 pounds with Brown hair and hazel eyes.
Top "Why Do I" Searches On Google [PHOTOS]
As I continue this weird kick I'm on doing random searches to see what's being searched the most on Google, I'm finding out that the world is just as weird as I am.  That's relieving right there!  I've been shocked with the top search auto-fill results from "how to" and "why does"…

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