Possible UFO Sighting In California Caught On Video
A man from California starts recording off his phone as he sees a mysterious object flying through the skies of California. He claims it could be a UFO crashing and in the video you can see a flashing ball that looks like a orb fly out the tail end of the smoke. Was...
Malaysian Plane's Disappearance Still a Mystery
On Friday, March 7, Malaysian Airlines flight 370 vanished from the skies (and radar). Three days later, authorities are no closer to figuring out what happened to it, leaving the fate of the 239 passengers (including three Americans) and crewmembers unknown.
VIDEO - Plane Does Crazy Barrel Roll
I'll let you be the judge on this one! Is this a fake video with some real good video editing skills or are these pilots super talented to pull this off just feet away from where a group of woman are dancing in a music video? I plead no comment but I will tell you this is going super viral on t…

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