plastic surgery

Celebrities' Plastic Surgery
It's largely unconfirmed whether celebrities have gone under the knife, but we gathered pics of our favorite stars who just happen to look like they've had work done.
Botched Plastic Surgery
Farrah Abraham never shy's away from the spotlight.  She has proved that over and over.  She recently had plastic surgery that didn't turn out so well and she shared the pictures.
3 Breasted Girl
A story popped up on Facebook yesterday about Jasmine Tridevil.  She decided that she was tired of dating so the only answer was to get a third boob, right?
Heidi Montag Regrets Her Plastic Surgery
Former reality star Heidi Montag famously had 10 plastic surgeries in one day in 2010. Now, after she has downsized her F-cup breasts to a more modest and manageable C, the blonde bombshell, 27, is going on record to say she wishes she had never gone under the knife, er, knives, in the first place.

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